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Things you want for your first baby (i.e. registry items).

Some close friends just emailed asking what they need for their first baby, arriving in a few months. Thought I'd post here:
Their questions:
Crib In my opinion, cribs are overpriced and rather silly. Most kids outgrow them in ~2-3 years, so it's a short-term purchase. I've only read negative things about convertable crib-beds, which can easily end up costing more than a regular crib and separate toddler (or normal) bed. So - go for something simple and, imho, avoid Jardine enterprises. Our two cribs were recalled by them and the process was rediculously bad. Also - our cribs have drop-sides, which seemed like a useful feature - in 2 1/2+ years and 3 children later, we've never used them except by accident. Keep in mind you do want an adjustible height mattress-frame in your crib, and I think even the least expensive cribs have these.
Crib Mattress I don't recall which exact one we got, but we got medium/high end of what they had in-stock at BabysRUs. The second time ar…