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Mountain Buggy Urban Double - Review from a happy family!

After four months enduring a "standard" double-wide stroller, we finally got a Mountain Buggy Urban Double. Wow!

What a huge difference. We live in an urban downtown with rough sidewalks and grassy parks. Where it used to take two hand and strong effort to walk around, we can now easily push our MBUD with ease. One handed walking while drinking a coffee works fine too!

Our three kids all love the MBUD, although only one of them is old enough to tell us as much. Our older son frequently runs for it and tries to climb in, before we can put one of his younger twin siblings in it.

In short, it was well worth the extra money. Which, by the way, should mostly be returned in resale value many years from now. I think another reason we waited so long was to find a good deal on a used one. I wish we hadn't waited; we would have happier backs and more fun and fulfilling walks about town.

Happy parenting of two or more!