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Child proofing

We live in an expensive part of the US, and the DW got an estimate from a local baby proofing place. Their answer, somewhere in the range of $600 to $1000, with an in-person estimate needed of course.Are you kidding!Dads out there, you can easily do all baby proofing tasks, if you're even the least bit handy around the house. I'll cover the following projects:1. Power sockets
2. Toilets
3. Safety gates
4. Cabinets (kitchen, bath).First, a bit of strategy. One thing we've learned with our toddler is that the challenges and dangers just keep changing. One month it was the coffee table. The next it was dining chairs. Now it seems to be climbing. Given that we never leave our son alone, except perhaps in his crib for naps or for brief moments, our concern wasn't building the fort-knox of baby proof houses. To do so, even with an unlimited budget, would require getting rid of all chairs for example, which is simply a non-starter. Thus, we aim to make our time supervising our l…

First post, 16 months in the making.

I've been a dad now for 16 months, and have learned quite a bit. With two more on the way in just a matter of weeks, a blog seemed like a good place to jot down what I've learned, in hopes of helping other dad's out there.

The most important thing I've learned in these 16 months is: Your wife is always right. Let me rephrase: She really is always right, even when you know otherwise. See, a happy wife makes for a happy little one. Would you rather take the longer, less efficient, bumper-to-bumper route with your happy wife & little one, or take the quick efficient route with a raving ball of hormones and an unhappy kiddo?

Next post will be all about something - A'ha! It'll be about baby proofing.